Safa Ahmed
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on Module 3 (Last module of the program).

"Reading Quran is a different experience now, I don't have to read an Ayah in Arabic and then read the English translation"


Hanan Aslam
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on Module 3 (Last module of the program).

"I was coming with no vocabulary with some basic understanding of how to speak and form senteces"


Ahmet Hassan
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on module 2.

"AndalusInstitute, is actually very unique and different than other programs"

"It changes your mind, it changes the way you think and it brings discipline and routine into your life"


Thierno Diallo
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on module 2.

"Those verbs and words that I learned from the program I'm able when I hear it being recited or when I'm reading it, I'm like Oh wow I can put it together"

"If that was the one thing I got from this program that would be enough, being able to understand the Quran"


Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on Module 2.

"After 6 months learning with Ustadh, I am able to form sentences, speak a little bit and I am able to understand the Quran more"


Aichetou Diarra
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on module 2.

"I have tried so many programs and they didn't work out for me"

"I am already starting to translate during the time of prayer, words that I've already picked up from memorising the vocab"


Umm Safaa
Student of the "Arabic like an Arab" program, currently on module 2.

"The way that the structure of Arabic like an Arab is, that they mainly focus on vocabulary and that's something that's very effective"



Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer
Holder of Masters Diploma in Hadith from the University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Imam at Masjid Ahlu sunnah wal jamaah in Queens, New York says about us:

"I like the fact that brother Abu Nusaiba is someone who traveled to countries which are known and reputed for Arabic and that means a lot"


Shaykh Rashed Al-Madani
Hafidh Al Quran, Graduated from Madinah University from faculty of Shari'ah, currently Imaam of Castlebar Islamic Centre in Ireland says:

"After checking out his materials I can highly recommend, this is something I believe it would be beneficial for any non Arab speaking person"


Fatimah Abdul Wahab
Hafidha al Quran, Certified Arabic translator, Certified Qaidah Nuraniyya teacher, Completed 8 levels at Fajr Center in Cairo, Egypt with an overall performance of "very good”, she says about us:

"Is kinda the way I've learned Arabic in Egypt but on an online platform"


Umm Zaid
Learned Arabic successfully by completing the Arabic program at Kalimah Center in Cairo, Egypt she says about us:

"Is exactly the same method that my teachers used back in Egypt, it feels like Egypt has been brought to you"


Abdulfattah Mohammed
Hafidh al Quran, Madinah University student, successfully learned Arabic in Egypt:

"The way he's doing it is like the Egyptian style of learning Arabic"


Abbas Khalif
Hafidh al Quran, student of Imam ibn Saud university in Riyadh:

"Is easy and you can understand it and the student doesn't get confused with grammar and other things"


Ibrahim Abu Tameem Al Mubtasim
Arabic & Quran Teacher at Madinah College London:

"Get involved as soon as possible because, simply for the fact that he is like myself someone who has learned the Arabic language from scratch, he is catering for those who are sharing the same experience in a style that is very very simple and easy for you to learn the Arabic language"


Successfully learned Arabic with the same method we use in AndalusInstitute:

"I took these steps to learn Arabic myself - Brother Muhammad having studied in different parts of the Muslim world and specifically Egypt - He's able to bring that experience to you from the comfort of your own homes"


Faysal Noor
Founder and Arabic Instructor at Arabisch Voor Iedereen:

"The fact that there's weekly 2h speaking sessions, all these factors together makes it almost a guarantee that if you put in the work it will make you fluent in Arabic "


Muntasir Al Naeem
Successfully learned Arabic in Sudan and Egypt:

"Focusing on vocabulary and focusing on conversation, and taking this path before in going into the technicalities of grammar no doubt this is the perfect way for you to have a solid ground in the Arabic language "


Learned Arabic succesfully in the UK, Alamiyya course student, successfully studied over more than 15 books in the field of Arabic, she says about us:

"There's a lot of support to assist the learner, you can ask questions directly to the teacher, you can even call them, is very very unique"


Arshad Khan
Successfully learned Arabic following the same method used in Andalus Institute.

"I highly recommend this probably, he covers everything I took"


Hanif Abu Abdirahman
Successfully learned Arabic in Egypt:

"Momtaz!, you can tell the brother has spent a lot of his time organising it all, is very organised"


Nouridine Muhammad Al Khalawi
Successfully learned the Arabic language from a teacher that learned directly from the founder of the known books "Madinah Books".

"He studied Arabic in Egypt which is considered by many to be the best place to learn Arabic in, so he brings experience , you know, learning other languages as well, like French and English for example "


Mazin Mohamed
Successfully learned Arabic from a young age.

"As someone who've learned Arabic in a natural way, I think the teaching concepts in Ustadh Muhammad's course are much more effective and faster way of learning Arabic than trying to strictly follow text books"


Abderrahman Tareq

Successfully learned the Arabic language in the UK.

"When it comes to writing he helps a lot, because Muhammad has said, the only thing you need to know is where to put your pen on the page and where to lift it off"


Bother Asif Patwary has successfully learned the Arabic through teachers online to the point where he's fluent at it and able to understand the Quran and average text, conversation, book... he says about us:

"The online platform that is run by this brother I have not seen before like it, just the way the course is structured and broken down and made digestible for people starting all the way from the bottom"



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